Tindia zenekar

Konzert mit dem Tindia zenekar
am 07. August 2020 19:00 Uhr
im Milleniumi Kávéház és Klub am Dugonics tér.

Many have travelled the Earth toward Klézse or Rekecsin, in search of the land called Tindia. There were only five young girls from Budapest, who managed to fulfill their mission. They found Tindia far from Moldavia and the wild waters of the river Tatros: they found it somewhere deep inside their heart. The music of Tindia is Moldavian folk music and a spiritual pilgrimage at the same time: each song is filled with mystic, discreet femininity intertwined with deep commitment to traditional Csángó music. The members of Tindia are professional folk musicians: they study, collect and transmit folk music to enthusiastic listeners. Beside that, they regularly organize dance house (táncház ‚) events, which introduced Moldavian Csángó folk music to a whole generation of people. They approach this dynamic, energetic music in a uniquely gentle, sacral way, which still has everything Csángó music is admired for: the pulsating sound of ancient instruments, as it might have been played in the land of Tindia…